Over the years it has become clear to me that modern-day science has now reached a ceiling on some levels and is becoming stifled by a narrow and unidimensional comprehension of this complex universe we live in.  At this stage, the focus of the scientific community remains for the most part zeroed in on the physical world that can be perceived with our current technology and senses, but I feel it is important to become aware that a growing number of individuals around the world are actually developing a wide range of advanced psychic abilities and experiencing some profound states of consciousness that are challenging long-held concepts about the nature of reality and are also starting to paint a much larger, detailed and multilayered picture of it all.

Among other things, some of these individuals have developed the capacity to propel their own consciousness outside of their physical body, which has led some of them to the eventual discovery that we far from alone in these vast expanses of space surrounding our planet and that there is actually a myriad of highly advanced interdimensional races and civilizations flourishing out there (many of them humans just like us!) and countless mindblowing worlds and realms waiting to be explored across the universe.

Based on the information they've been gathering while going on interdimensional adventures and interacting with a vast range of beings, it appears that the universe is composed of a vast number of dimensions and that these parallel worlds and dimensions are located in specific frequency bands apart from ours, much like octaves in music, which I guess could also be compared in terms of analogy to radio stations or TV channels, and that this physical world that we can perceive with our senses is only one single "channel" in this huge multidimensional universe we live in, and that it turns out that some people around the world actually have the capacity to tune in to some of these other worlds and dimensions. (which apparently has to do in part with their higher endocrine system being more active—the pineal gland, pituitary, hypothalamus, etc.—what I like to think of as components of our inner hardware, or our human biocomputer as John C. Lilly used to call it.)

Based on a couple of factors, I also suspect that sexual energy when in a highly charged state and allowed to flow properly inside the body can possibly be used as some sort of fuel to stimulate the endocrine system and help reach some of these higher states of consciousness—something I think definitely needs to be further investigated. I've also been playing with hypotheses in my mind that sexual energy may even have healing and rejuvenative properties when projected throughout the entire body into deeply ecstastic full-body orgasms rather than drained outwards into standard run-of-the-mill genital orgasms.  I guess time will tell.

Until then, I think it's important for humanity to start to look into all of this and start to think about some of these fundamental issues.  Becoming aware of the existence of parallel universes and dimensions is definitely something that I consider to be one of the next major stages in human evolution.  I also feel this will potentially play a major role in helping us get closer to answers to some of our age-old existential questions, pave the way for humanity's first official interdimensional space exploration missions, and who knows, possibly even give us the opportunity to receive assistance from beyond our world to help us come up with innovative solutions to some of the serious problems we are facing as a society, and so much more.  These are definitely very exciting times we are living in.

Where we go from there is up to us as a species.

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Last update: Spring 2014