The X Factor

I'm feeling compelled to take a moment to share some of the thoughts that are currently brewing in my mind—fueled in part by an increasing amount of scientific research papers I've been getting my hands on lately, as well as my first viewing yesterday of this mind-bending film known as Interstellar.

At this point in time and space, I think that the long and noble quest of the scientific community to elaborate an epic grand unified theory of everything that would finally bridge Einstein's general theory of relativity and quantum physics can only be put to rest by starting to acknowledge the unpredictable nature of interdimensional fields and influences interacting with our world—the existence of this "X factor", this unknown variable in their equations making it impossible to accurately predict the behavior of all known physical phenomena all the way down to the subatomic level.

It seems to me that once we'll start to understand that there are many forces at play here (e.g. interdimensional beings, multidimensional energy fields, the influence of our own minds, etc) and that certain altered states of consciousness actually make it possible to explore some of these other worlds and dimensions—and even communicate with the beings living there—then a new chapter will truly begin.

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