Main themes of my sex research projects

  • the connection between pelvic musculature (PC muscle) and orgasmic response (e.g. increased blood flow/sensitivity/arousal, increased strength and intensity of orgasms, increased presence and force of fluids being expulsed (both women and men!), increased prehensility of the vagina, i.e. the ability to tighten and adapt the vagina to the size of one's partner; prevention of urinary incontinence and other potential pelvic health issues thanks to the gradual strengthening of these muscles; and last but not least, the possibility for men to experience massive non-ejaculatory orgasms without refractory periods seemingly triggered by inner "pumping", i.e. flexing/contracting/stimulating their pelvic muscles.)
  • decoding at last the mysteries of the G-spot — i.e the "G-spot" as the urethral sponge; exploring also the connection between these erectile and glandular tissues and the quite misunderstood phenomenon of female ejaculation.
  • very important new erogenous zones to explore located deeper in the vagina (the fornix and cervix)—trigger points for potentially very potent, powerful and emotional types of orgasms (as well as opening new doors to multiple orgasms)
  • social implications of these major breakthroughs in human biology/sexuality and their potential impact on people's quality of life, overall mood on a day-to-day basis, on their work/family/social interactions, as well as on many other levels.

More to come.  Stay tuned.